Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands

A typically peaceful sight on Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands.
A typically peaceful sight on Salt Spring and the Gulf Islands.

So you’ve decided it’s time to see what all the fuss is about when it comes to the Gulf Islands —  but how do you decide which ones to see first?

The islands share West Coast natural beauty and weather, and a culture forged from generations of independent-thinking residents, yet each has its own character, history and amenities, which are readily discerned through a visit or two.

They range substantially in size, population and services, but all of them offer safe, rural environments and a sense of getting away from it all — not that they don’t hum with activity on weekends during the height of visitor season.

Read about each island in the pages that follow and see what piques your interest, or plan a trip around a special event.

Maybe you’re attracted by Mayne Island’s storied history as a stop-over point for miners en route to the Fraser RIver Gold Rush in the late 1850s; or the immense beauty of the Gulf Islands National Park Reserve areas; or the colourful non-mainstream culture of all the islands and their residents.

Whatever you seek and whatever you discover, we know that once you’ve seen the Gulf Islands for yourself, you’ll stop wondering why they’re such a celebrated part of the world.